• Stock Room Leveler

    Automatically adjust the height of pallet loads as boxes are added or removed.  more




The Problem:

Pallets are everywhere. The typical grocery store receives hundreds of pallet loads per week. Then they are faced with the job of getting goods from the pallet to shelf. Whatever method is used, it involves breaking down pallet loads. Here are just a few of the problems associated with manually unloading pallets:

  • Frequent bending, reaching and stretching
  • Awkward posture when lifting loads
  • Walking around pallets in tight quarters to access loads on the far side
  • Worker fatigue
  • Increased risk of injury

The Solution:

A Stock Room Leveler makes the job of loading and unloading pallets faster, safer and easier. These unique devices have been used in thousands of manufacturing and warehousing facilities for over 20 years. They use an internal spring mechanism to automatically adjust the height of pallet loads as boxes are added or removed. Simply by allowing workers to load and unload at a comfortable height and posture dramatically reduces fatigue and the risk of injury.

  • Works with pallet loads from 400 - 4500 lbs.
  • Automatic spring mechanism requires no power
  • Turntable with anti-friction bearings allows employees workers to spin loads so they are always working on the nearside
  • Compact design fits tight spaces - The Stock Room Lever's 36" x 36" footprint is SMALLER than a standard pallet
  • Stable base design requires no lagging - works on uneven floors