E-Z Shopper Merchandise Levelers

Presenting products in attractive, neat, displays with clear signage is a proven technique for increasing sales. Unfortunately this is more difficult than it sounds. Retail Handling Solutions is committed to providing a solution to these common problems.

E-Z Shop Ads Box™

ADS Box thumbnailIncrease sales by presenting items in this functional display that offers unmatched promotional opportunities. Maintains goods at an ideal display height as well as simplifying shopping cart loading. Four sided customizable "billboard" presents product promotional messages.

E-Z Shopper™ Product Display Leveler

Use as a stand-alone display or in-line with shelves for high volume sales items or important seasonal promotions. Can be configured to accommodate many display sizes and auto levels for customer convenience.

E-Z Shop HD Leveler

Ideal for wholesale clubs, superstores and lawn & garden centers. Auto level anything, indoors or out.