• Specifications

    4000 lbs.

    Turntable Diameter:

    Overall Diameter:

    Turntable Height:

    220 lbs.


Low Profile Disc Turntable

Hand Pallet Truck Accessible

The Low Profile Disc Turntable is in a class by itself because of the unique low (7/8’’) profile; so low it can be loaded with a pallet jack. By turning the pallet workers can remain in one spot and not have to walk around or reach across a pallet when loading and unloading. This minimize the risk of injury, reduces worker fatigue and increases overall productivity.

The heavy duty components that make up this industrial duty turntable means it will take the abuse of demanding applications. These handy devices provide years of maintenance free and trouble-free service.

Integral locking tab can be engaged to prevent disc from spinning when not in use.

Convenience Features and Options

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