5-Gallon Pail Handling

The Problem:

5-Gallon plastic pails are an extremely convenient and economical way to package paint. However, there's no getting around the fact that they are very heavy. Carrying a full pail of paint, even just a short distance, can quickly be a source of fatigue or even injury. The problem gets even worse when you try to balance the load by carrying two pails. Lifting full pails from the floor or a pallet to a counter, tinter, shaker or truck bed is a real problem too. For most people it requires a real effort to jerk the pail off of the floor, and this awkward motion can cause shoulder, neck and/or back pain.


The Solution:

Eliminate lifting and carrying to the greatest extent possible. A pail transporter that can carry 1, 2, or 3 pails at a time solves a big part of the pail handling problem. When combined with powered lifting, the problem is eliminated altogether.

Retail Handling Solutions offers two devices designed specifically for handling 5-gallon plastic paint pails. Both are ideal for use in crowded retail environments or traveling long distances from the warehouse to the sales floor or even to customer vehicles. They feature specially designed pail handling yokes that can pick pails from the floor or off of a pallet. 

The LNB Pail Lifter works like a typical two-wheel hand truck. It tilts back for travel and can lift up to three pails to counter height.

The LNB Pail Partner is a four-wheel device that also transports and lifts up to three pails at a time.


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