Keg Handling

The Problem:

A typical keg of beer (1/2 barrel) weighs approximately 160 lbs. That's too heavy to be safely handled by one or even two people. The risk of serious injury from trying to carry or lift a full, or partially full keg, is significant. And just because they have handles on top of them doesn't mean that you should have to manually handle them.


The Solution:

Eliminate lifting and carrying kegs to the greatest extent possible. The Lift'n Buddy Keg Lifter is designed to safely transport and lift a wide variety of keg shapes and sizes including non-straight walled and rubber clad kegs. 

For traveling long distances, the Keg Lifter tilts back like a typical two-wheel hand truck. For navigating small spaces like walk-in coolers, it can be manuevered in the upright position.

Powered pushbutton lift facilitates keg stacking, shelf loading or placement in customer vehicles.


RHS Keg Handling Products