Product Display & Promotion

Presenting products in attractive, neat displays that are easy to shop is a proven technique for increasing sales. Unfortunately, this can sometimes be more difficult than it sounds. Especially with bulk items such as pet food, feed, grain, seed, fertilizer, ice melt, etc. which are often displayed on a shipping pallet (either on the sales floor or outdoors) rather than stocked on shelves. While this approach can seem convenient at first, it has some definite drawbacks for both retailers and the customers.

As pallets of goods are shopped, the load can get disorganized and require frequent employee intervention to reorganize it. As each layer of items is removed from the pallet the load gets lower and lower inconveniencing shoppers who will need to bend down and lift items - often 40 lbs. or more - up and into their shopping carts. Often times items on the front side of the pallet will be completely shopped leaving a stack of goods towards the rear. Accessing these goods requires customers to step up on to the pallet to access them creating an unsafe condition.


A Revolution in How Products Are Displayed and Promoted:

Self-Leveling displays are the ideal solution for the effective merchandising of bulk items on pallets. They offer:

  • Unprecedented consumer convenience via shopping cart height reaching, bending, or lifting for your customers.
  • Constant display appearance without store labor input via self-leveling, which maintains the original look even as the display is fully shopped.
  • Outstanding economics via increased sales of featured products plus significant vendor merchandising opportunities similar to those enjoyed on end caps or other select store display locations.


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