Ergonomic Platform Cart Speeds Retail Stocking

Ergonomic and elegantly simple, the new Stock & Roll portable shelf stocking cart from Retail Handling Solutions holds case-packed goods and store containers at any shelf height and glides down aisles to make stocking faster, safer, and easier in supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retail outlets.

The height of the Stock & Roll platform is easily adjusted with mechanical assist by any employee, regardless of size or strength. Once the platform is raised or lowered to the most convenient height, the need to bend and stretch is greatly reduced. And, because the unit is movable, it can be used with “U-boat” carts or to transport merchandise from staging areas to stocking locations, eliminating the need to carry heavy loads up and down aisles. The platform has handgrips on all four sides for easy maneuverability on smoothly rolling casters.

Other benefits of the Stock & Roll include less droppage/breakage, since users have both hands free for stocking and pricing and no longer need to balance cartons on one hand or a shelf edge. The base, with a non-skid surface, holds more cartons/cases or a trash receptacle, step stool, etc. The unit’s “footprint” is only 35” x 24”, making stocking during business hours possible without blocking aisles or otherwise inconveniencing shoppers.

An independent study conducted for the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) by The Ergonomics Center of North Carolina concluded: “Stock and Roll carts…showed a reduction in ergonomic risk level, a reduction in reported discomfort and positive usability feedback by experienced store personnel. It is noteworthy to clarify that Stock and Roll carts showed a substantial improvement in stocking productivity.” Other studies show that the units typically pay for themselves with productivity increases in less than six months (sooner if workers-compensation costs are considered).

The Stock & Roll has a rugged steel base and mast and requires no routine maintenance. Load capacity is 75 pounds. No power is required. The mechanical assist is provided by a tension device without any chance of messy fluid spills. An optional tray holds shelf-cleaning supplies, a pricing gun, etc. Manufactured in the United States, the Stock & Roll carries a 2-year warranty.