Level Loader Boosts Morale as Well as Productivity

The ergonomic E-Z Shopper HD Leveler from Retail Handling Solutions simplifies the job of unloading boxes from pallets, improving productivity, worker safety, and employee morale in supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores, and other retail outlets. It keeps loads at a comfortable height, saving time and reducing the risk of injury from the bending, lifting, reaching, and stretching common to unloading pallets.

A full pallet, removed from a delivery truck with a forklift or stacker, is placed on the Leveler's platform. Even when the pallet has been stacked with mixed goods of uneven weights, the heavy-duty springs beneath the platform automatically lower or raise the load as weight is added or removed, maintaining the top layer at a handy level. A dampener provides smooth, gradual raising and lowering action without overshoot or bounce. And the turntable ring (or optional turntable platform) allows the user to spin the load so he or she can stand in the same spot throughout the unloading process instead of walking around the pallet.

Sturdy steel construction keeps the unit stable, yet its base is small enough for the user to step in close to the platform, accessing loads quickly, safely, and easily. In the store’s back room, cases, cartons, totes, etc., can be unloaded onto different “U-boat” carts, for example, to be transported later to the right stocking locations.

The E-Z Shopper HD Leveler can accommodate loads from 400 to 4,500 lbs., depending on which of five spring packages is chosen by the customer (based on the anticipated weight and height of a fully loaded pallet). If needs change, the unit can be adapted easily by changing its spring combination.

The economical unit requires no power and is virtually maintenance-free. Fork pockets at the base allow for easy relocation.