U-Boat Accessory Improves Restocking Efficiency and Ergonomics

The U-Leveler from Retail Handling Solutions is a self-leveling platform that attaches quickly and easily to any u-boat.  A mechanical spring system automatically raises the platform height as loads are removed, keeping the top layer of boxes at a comfortable, convenient height.  Because items are within easy reach of workers, bending and reaching is minimized and shelf stocking efficiency is greatly improved.  Worker fatigue is also dramatically reduced.

The U-Leveler platform is 16” x 59” and fits on any standard u-boat.  Other platform sizes to fit non-standard u-boats are also available.  Rugged construction allows the U-Leveler to handle the full weight capacity of the u-boat.  It ships fully assembled, installs without tools and requires no electrical power or air to operate.

The U-Leveler may also reduce the risk of trip and fall incidents because even when there are no items on a u-boat, the U-Leveler creates a waist high barrier.