Why You Need A Lift’n Buddy Elevating 2-Wheel Hand Truck

Why You Need A Lift'n Buddy

When it comes to moving, storing, stacking, loading, unloading and delivering items, most people are forced to choose between a stacker and a 2-wheel hand truck; and while in many cases either will do the job, in MOST cases, neither is ideal.

The information below is an assessment of the stacker option, the 2-wheel hand truck option and the Lift'n Buddy option. We think you'll agree that Lift'n Buddy offers some real advantages over stackers and traditional 2-wheel hand trucks.
We're not suggesting that you get rid of your stacker or that you should replace every 2-wheeler with a Lift'n Buddy, but we think everybody should have access to one.


Stacker Advantages

  • Makes getting heavy loads from floor level to benches, shelves, or racks easy
  • Can accommodate heavy loads

Stacker Considerations

  • Weight (stacker + load) can make transporting items difficult
  • Difficult to navigate tight areas — won't fit in elevators or narrow hallways
  • Front legs hamper travel on uneven floors, in and out of trucks, up and down inclines, outdoors or over small bumps and thresholds
  • Expensive

2-Wheel Hand Truck Advantages

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Highly maneuverable
  • Simple to operate
  • Transitions easily from indoor to outdoor use

2-Wheel Hand Truck Considerations

  • Transporter only — no vertical travel
  • Requires user to bend and reach to place and retrieve items at the bottom of a load


The Lift'n Buddy Advantage

Only Lift'n Buddy combines the best attributes of both devices:

  • Simple to use — no training required
  • Highly maneuverable — goes places that a stacker can’t
  • Use it anywhere you’d use a 2-wheeler
  • Lifts loads up to 350 lbs. up to 36" at the touch of a button
  • Eliminates bending and lifting by workers
  • Small footprint — stores easily
  • Less expensive than powered lifts and powered stackers