E-Z Shop Bulk Product Display Leveler

Self-Leveling Display System

E-Z Shop™ Bulk Product Display Levelers feature a self-leveling spring mechanism that automatically raises it's platform as goods are removed to keep display items in shoppers' line of sight even as the display is picked. This convenient product positioning makes transferring items to carts easier for all shoppers.

To improve aesthetics and increase merchandising effectiveness, the unit can be wrapped with decorative cardboard, or a roller shade with logo or product message can be attached.

The E-Z Shop comes mounted on a galvanized steel pallet for easy relocation with a hand pallet truck.

Use E-Z Shop Levelers as a stand-alone display or in-line with shelves for high volume sales items or important seasonal promotions.

Features and Benefits

  • Continuously repositions the remaining goods on a pallet at shopping cart height as items are removed by shoppers
  • Ideal for beverages, pet food, grain, seed and other bulk items
  • Time-tested spring adjustment mechanism requires no power
  • Can be used on the sales floor or outside in lawn and garden centers
  • Display appearance is much neater than pallets on floor — requires no re-stacking or other employee intervention
  • Platform accommodates most pallets
  • Works with pallet loads up to 2,500 lbs.



E-Z Shopper 2,500 lbs. 43" x 51" 30" includes base pallet 13" includes base pallet 42" x 48" 250 lbs. 1050 lbs. 415 lbs.

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