LNB Pail Partner for 5-Gallon Pails

The Pail Partner™ is a patent pending device designed specifically to eliminate the problems of fatigue, back strain and other musculoskeletal disorders that are caused by routine manual handling of 5 gallon pails. As simple to use as any hand truck or mobile cart, the Pail Partner provides users the added convenience of powered lifting. Its compact size makes it ideal for narrow retail aisles and crowded warehouses alike. Counterbalanced 4-wheel design makes it easy to lift and move pails to and from pallets, countertops, tinters, shakers and customer vehicles — all without interference from straddle legs commonly found on most small powered stackers.

A Pail Partner reduces the amount of physical strain on employees, improves worker productivity and, when used to load vehicles, provides real added value to customers.

Pail Partner Advantages:

  • Pushbutton linear actuator lifts up to 200 lbs.
  • Rolls easily on any surface — even parking lots.
  • Rear swivel casters provide unmatched maneuverability.
  • 4-wheel design for stable transport — 3 pails high.
  • Special yoke holds pails securely in place during lifting and/or transport.
  • Flip down yoke cover for handling case goods.



Pail Partner 200 lbs 35" 12 seconds 10" Flat Free / Dual Swivel 19"W x 55"T x 38"D 12V 10 Amp lead acid 110V on-board

Options & Accessories

12 Volt 10Ahr Sealed Lead Acid Battery - 800-3-0019:

Direct replacement for Pail Partner Battery

Price: $141.20



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