Stock & Roll Powered

Compact design, powered lifting and superior maneuverability make the Stock & Roll Powered and invaluable tool for improving shelf stocking efficiency. At the touch of a button users can position loads at a comfortable, easy to access height that allows them to stock shelves without bending to reach items on the floor, or awkwardly support goods in one hand while they stock with the other. 

  • Lightweight aluminum construction for easy handling
  • Load is carried directly over wheels for excellent stability
  • Ergonomic handle with easy access fingertip lift switch
  • Fast lifting speed - 4.75 inches per second
  • Over 48" of vertical travel to position loads up to 53"
  • Four swivel casters - rear casters with locks

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Stock & Roll Powered 150 lbs. 19 ½" x 19 ½" HDPE 4 ½" 53" 15 ¾" 24V, 7.2 AH

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