Stock & Roll Shelf Stocking Carts

Solve all of your Shelf Stocking Problems

The Stock and Roll is an elegantly simple, one-of-a-kind device that solves all common shelf stocking problems making the job faster, safer and easier in supermarkets, pharmacies, convenience stores or any other retail outlet where case-packed goods are displayed for sale on shelves.

Adjustable platform presents case-packed goods at shelf height for faster, safer access

  • No need to stage loads on the floor or balance them on the edge of shelves.
  • Eliminates bending, reaching, stretching, body contortions and wasted motion.
  • Reduces worker fatigue and the risk of common musculoskeletal disorders.

Securely supports heavy loads and non-rigid packaging

  • Eliminates need to support cartons; leaves both hands free for stocking or unit pricing/repricing.
  • Reduces dropped product, breakage, spills and associated housekeeping hassles.

Rolls easily between staging areas and stocking locations

  • Easily transports cases of goods up and down aisles to restocking locations allowing U-boats and pallets to be kept in staging areas out of aisles.
  • Eliminates walking back and forth while carrying heavy loads in aisles.
  • Allows stocking to be done by all employees, regardless of size or physical strength.

Compact footprint and unmatched maneuverability

  • Restock with minimum customer inconvenience, even during peak traffic hours.
  • Four swivel casters allow movement in any direction. 
  • Caster locks keep Stock & Roll securely in place while stocking shelves.

Simplifies and speeds inventory freshness turning

  • Acts as “shelf extension” holding older inventory as newer items are stocked behind. Ideal for freshness dated products in Dairy and Health & Beauty departments.


Shelf Stocking Carts are suggested in a guide entitled ERGONOMIC SOLUTIONS FOR RETAILERS - Prevention of Material Handling Injuries in the Grocery Sector, published by the Department of Health & Human Services, CDC and The National Institute for Health and Safety.


Standard 23" - 53" Adjustable 28" x 24" 21.5" x 24" 150 lbs 53" 23" 60" 4 casters
Narrow 23" - 53" Adjustable 28" x 18.5" 21.5" x 18.5" 150 lbs 53" 23" 60" 4 casters

Options & Accessories

Rear Storage Caddy - 60037972:

Convenient storage caddy mounts behind Stock & Roll Mast. Holds cleaning supplies, pricing guns, etc.

Price: $36

Under Shelf Storage - 60045986:

Generous storage shelf mounts under Stock & Roll Platform. Holds a variety of items including clipboards, pricing guns, pens, markers, etc.

Price: $52

Tilt Wedge - 60051650:

Angled wedge for holding totes at a more convenient angle for easier access to contents.

Price: $77

Cardboard Holder - 60040279:

Mounts to Stock & Roll Base. Provides a convenient place to hold broken down cardboard cases prior to returning to stock room.

Price: $80

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