Pallet Turntable Ring

A Portable Pallet Turntable That Goes Wherever You Need It

Turntable Rings are low profile (2-1/8”) turntables that are fully supported by bearings around their entire periphery. They are typically used right on the floor, but they may be mounted on any stable surface that will support their loaded weight including lift tables or fixed height platforms.

RHS Pallet TurntableRings allow users to quickly and easily spin a pallet during the loading or unloading process so that they are always working on the near side. The result is faster loading and unloading and a safer work environment as the for walking with heavy loads is eliminated. 

The turnable diameter is just under 44" which works well with standard grocery pallets. A cross beam support allows it to accept other pallet sizes too.

RHS Pallet Turntable Rings can be easily moved from one location to another as needed.



TNT-ASSY-PPAL 4,400 lbs 2-1/8" 43 ⅝" 130 lbs

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